425 years of Young’s London brewing heritage to be lost

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is disappointed by the announcement today (May 23nd) that Young’s will close the Ram Brewery in central Wandsworth and move production to Bedford by October 2006.

Young’s has set up a joint venture with Charles Wells Brewery to brew its beers at the Eagle Brewery in Bedford, and despite assurances that the two companies will continue to operate their respective pub estates independently CAMRA is very concerned over the possible implications of the move.

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2 thoughts on “425 years of Young’s London brewing heritage to be lost”

  1. this is not good news, having gone on a tour there not that long ago, they were very keen to emphasize the history of the site. though i do though they have had problems with the site and its limits on expansion.i certainly enjoy looking across at the brewery when i pass it by, and i guess we won’t be seeing the clydesdales pulling the casks to local wandsworth pubs anymore.

  2. Oh no, and I never got to visit it! 🙁This is really annoying, as “What’s Brewing” (a CAMRA publication) recently quoted Young’s management as saying that the old brewery would not be closed down.I understand that business is business, but so much of England’s history is tied up in it’s breweries, and this is a piece that will fall away and be lost forever.

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