Lion Red slips in tough NZ beer market

Beer drinkers are turning off mainstream brand Lion Red as brewer Lion Nathan pushes Speights as its national brand.

In New Zealand the beer market had stabilised with the total market size up 0.7 per cent, Lion Nathan said.

Star premium performers for Lion Nathan were Steinlager up 17 per cent and Stella Artois up 37 per cent.

While overall volume of beer in the mainstream category was down 7 per cent, the Lion Nathan brands were down just 1 per cent.

That included 7 per cent growth for Speights but a 9 per cent fall for Lion Red.

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4 thoughts on “Lion Red slips in tough NZ beer market”

  1. So Premium lagers are on the up & up but “New Zealands premium lager” is not as preferred as an import ?That leaves the masses to play swings and roundabouts and change allegience to whichever brand(bland) of mainstream beer gets the most advertising dollar ?Sort of worrying really

  2. This is great news. Lion Red is without doubt one of the blandest beers I’ve ever tasted. On a visit to NZ a few years ago and really looking forward to tasting some local drops I could not believe how ordinary Lion Red was. It was beyond me how in a land with such lovely beers this garbage could be the top seller.

  3. The fact that Lion Red has been one of NZ’s top selling beers is a reflection on the people of this country. They are sheep, easily lead, by the big attractive glossy ads that tell them what to drink. God forbid that they might actually think for themselves and try and actually taste the beer.

  4. This is all goes to show that we are less thirsty than we used to be. Afterall, isn’t Lion Red the measure of a man’s thirst?

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