Only in Australia File #23

Story spotted by Australian Correspondent and Television Star Belinda Lawton:

Andrew Knight wanted his marriage proposal to combine something he and his girlfriend both enjoyed.

In true Aussie style he stocked the fridge at his New South Wales Central Coast home with beer for the occasion – but not just any beer. Andrew designed a special beer label that carried his marriage proposal and a picture of the engagement ring.

He emptied all the food from his fridge and filled the shelves with his customised brew.

Carly Henderson, 28, was shocked when she finally opened the fridge door. “My first thought was ‘Where has all the food gone’,” Carly said yesterday. “I was thinking Andrew had a lot of beer in the fridge, but that wasn’t entirely weird. I grabbed one and realised it had my name on it. It was a real shock. Then Andrew got down on bended knew and asked me to marry him.”

Carly regained her composure and accepted the unconventional proposal. Her three-year-old daughter Imogen then presented her with the diamond engagement ring featured on the label.

Andrew, a 32-year-old Newcastle solicitor, admitted being a bit nervous when Carly took forever to open the fridge door. “Carly was late home and we were supposed to be going out for dinner,” he said. “She was in a rush and was getting ready while I was in the lounge room hopping up and down with excitement. “When she eventually finished I asked her if she wanted a beer but she said no. I then casually asked her would she get me and beer and she did. “It finally worked but I had some nervous moments.”

Andrew designed the labels on the website of Brewtopia, a Sydney company that brews and customises their own beer. “People use them for things like business cards but this is the first time we’ve done a marriage proposal,” Brewtopia co-owner Larry Hedges said.

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