Monteith’s Winter Ale to Return May 15

Monteith’s Press Release


Monteith’s invites you to experience the taste of winter with Monteith’s Winter Ale, an enlivening six per cent beer with distinct warming properties, brewed especially for the colder months.

Available as a seasonal release for only the second time, Monteith’sWinter Ale is developed using a range of five premium malts, with hints of spicy cinnamon resulting in a rich, bold malty flavour and velvety smoothness.

Monteith’s master brewer Barrie Calder says “Winter Ale’s cinnamon flavour provides the warming characteristics to this beer, while premium quality Nelson hops help to exude its spicy, yet flora aroma. When poured, a creamy collar of foam will form to create a look true to this style of beer.”

Calder says Monteith’s Winter Ale is best served at aslightly warmer temperature to enhance the aroma and flavour characteristics of the brew. 8-10 degrees is recommended.

The Monteith’s Winter Ale picked up abronze medal at the International Brewing Awards in Munich.

Monteith’s Winter Ale is available from selected supermarkets, liquor retailers and exclusively on tap at Monteith’s concept bars from May 15th onwards.

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