The Brewjolais run is underway…

Brewing with green hops is a pastime for the brazenly over-confident. Yet Colin was determined to wrangle this 5.5% “Kiwi Pale Ale” into something unique, something that will enhance Mac’s reputation for innovation and for infuriating the kind of people who deserve to be infuriated. He’s even given it a name to convey the appropriate sense of urgency – Mac’s Brewjolais.

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3 thoughts on “The Brewjolais run is underway…”

  1. “Stand by for the 1st of April when the Mac’s Brewjolais will be available in selected Mac’s bars nationwide. At .50 a pint you’d be crazy not to try it. But make it quick, this is an extremely limited release and the French are on their way…”Is this an April Fools joke – considering the date and .50 a pint ?

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