Emerson’s Taieri George Released

The much anticipated annual release of Emerson’s excellent ‘Taieri George’ ale has occured.

The ale is a popular Belgian-style spiced ale often described as ‘liquid hot cross buns”, with a 6.8% alcohol content and spicy, nutmeg and cinnamon flavours.

‘Taieri George’ is one of the few beers that require bottle age to come together, and this release, brewed in May last year, has just come ready now. The beer has a proven ability to age as well, and can last 5 years with ease, integrating and improving all that time.

Named after brewer Richard Emerson’s late father George, who was a passionate supporter of the Taieri Gorge Railway, and released on the anniversary of hisbirthday, 6th May.

A very special beer. 500 ml bottles.

Glass Tip – Those fine fellows at Regional Wines and Spirits

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