Happenings at the Hop

Normally when I am in Christchurch I absolutely always visit the Dux de Lux and the Twisted Hop. However, during a lightning visit last week I had to choose between them and ended up going to the Hop.

The official reason was to conclude my research for an article I am working on – the real reason is that I just love the place.

Certainly there are plenty of developments worthy of note.

There is a new beer on tap – Yale an American Pale Ale. It was most pleasant and I am assured it is getting better and better. I was so focused on the standard taps when I came in that I almost missed it. That would have been very poor form.

Also on line now is a raspberry wheat beer called Raspbiery. I didn’t think my suggested name of Berry St Edmunds stood much of a chance. It was just too subtle – that is always my problem.

On the other taps, Three Boys Pilsner has joined its stablemate on tap and jugs are available. This just could not have been better timing. When I walked in I had got a message from my friend Doink gloating about how he was enjoying a bottle of Three Boys Pilsner from Regional. I was able to reply saying that was all very nice but I was having a jug of it fresh off the tap. Advantage – me.

The only downside was self inflicted. I forgot to use my Hop Club card again. I carried it all the way to Christchurch and at the crucial moment of payment I forgot to use it.

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