3 thoughts on “Mac’s Brewery Redevelopment – lays off nine staff”

  1. so is this the end of Mac’s as a brewery? to become just another faceless corporate brand?will it become a “provincial, working, brewery museum” like Monteith’s and Speight’s with their main production in Auckland?

  2. No – it’s just the end of 9 bottling staff. Mac’s became a faceless brand a few years ago.A restaurant and bar is more profitable than a “provincial, working, brewery museum”.

  3. Are these “Mac’s Brewery” people for real? Reading the carton blurb for Spring Tide Lower Carb lager quote Lower Carbs than some beers we could mention unquote. What does that mean? Most beers are around 5-6g carbs, and this one is 5.4g carbs – so….?Sounds like a ham-fisted attempt to get low-carb drinkers away from Pure Blonde, which states 2.7g carbs.Anyway, not a fan of the low carb stuff, but hate to see patently misleading ads for beer.…and the Spring Tide tastes like it came from a stagnant creek, so the association with the ocean is is also misplaced.

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