Dux de Lux Arts Festival Red Ale

There is only one institution in the world that can every make me say “Taxi driver, to the Arts Centre and step on it”. It is the Dux de Lux brewpub – nestled in the heart of the Christchurch Arts Centre – and I say it every single time I visit Christchurch.

During a trip last year, I had the opportunity to try their Red Ale, a 5.4% festive brew for the Christchurch Arts Festival

Red Ale is a style rarely made in New Zealand these days so I approached the glass with a degree of eagerness but no preconceptions.

The beer was rich dark red colour with a quite extraordinary head.

The foam was thick, creamy and persistent. The only comparison I could make would be to Guinness actually. The lacing was like a sheen of froth down the sides of the glass. Very unusual – very nice.

It threw a light aroma of roast and smoky notes, while the creaminess of the head flowed through in to the body which was velvet smooth and easy to drink.

The beer had a moderate malt body with a few nutty notes and a subtle, lingering bitterness.

I enjoyed it. In my opinion, it was far too good for those arty types.

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