Raising alcohol prices unlikely to curb demand

Increasing the price of beer, wine, and liquor has been proposed as a way to reduce alcohol consumption, and hence problems related to drinking alcohol. But research published this month suggests that “across-the-board” price increases may not reduce alcohol sales, and might even increase them.

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2 thoughts on “Raising alcohol prices unlikely to curb demand”

  1. I strongly agree with you. Raising alcohol prices will not reduce the demand. If they raised the prices too high I believe it would produce a enviorment similiar to that of the years of the prohabition. If prices grow too high, bootleggers, speak easies, and home distilleries will pop back up in no time. A seedy underworld this would most likely produce, so if the powers at be were wise they would learn from the past and not raise the prices on alcoholBut its just an opinion

  2. It’s just like anything that people choose to enjoy in life. Cigarettes get smuggled, drugs get trafficked… booze will soon start having its own black market.It’s like here, we get people coming in from Calais, with truckloads of duty free booze. I know many off-licenses here that have stock according to the supplythey got from France that month!

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