7 thoughts on “Independent Liquor – Michael Erceg – Missing”

  1. Please search inland from area 14. Near a small river or creek called Te K….. you will only be able to see the tail section if you travel from the north.

  2. Praying for good news. A great employer …. very missed… the UK hopes you are found safe.

  3. Has anyone followed up on the 111 call made to police last week about the helicopter flying in severe conditions up Ongarue Stream, Waimiha.

  4. To The Family & FriendsWhat We Have Once Enjoyed We Can Never LoseAll That We Love Deeply BEcome A Part Of UsGod Bless

  5. Our thoughts are with the family through this difficult time – Michael was a truly remarkable guy and will never be forgotten.

  6. I met Michael only once, in October 2005, for maybe twenty minutes as he laid out to me his directions for Independent Distillers (USA). I was the head of finance there and eager to carry out his vision. Coming up on two years later I still think about him and all the great people I came to know in New Zealand and Australia. What a sad thing it was to lose Michael like that and a great loss not just to his family, friends and coworkers, bu to the world as he was a most brilliant man and had so much left to give.Jeff HortonDallas, Texas

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