3 thoughts on “Lion in A$352m bid for Coopers Brewery”

  1. and turn it into the weak swill the way they’ve done with every other decent beer they’ve touch. There’s no passion in LN beers, just the handiwork of the bean counters. Coopers is not just a brand – it’s special – a family-owned concern since the 1860’s, brewing their consisently fine ales with their ‘best after’ labels – the way it should be. This is a unique thing which needs to be preserved. beers made by people passionate aobut their beers, not just suits and bean counters to see us as ‘market share’. i say boycott the foul swill that LN produces.

  2. *****PLEASE FWD******As most of you will be aware, the brewing giant Lion Nathan is currently attempting a hostile takeover of the beloved South Australian company Coopers. But I believe I speak for all of us when I say they can have our Coopers when they pry it from our cold dead hands. Lion Nathan currently already own brands worth $1.97 billion incuding Southwark, Tooheys, West End, XXXX, Hahn and James Squire. Plus it’s pretty much owned by a Japanese company. And Fosters own the rest of the beer brands in Australia. You can hardly buy a schooner on this f*cking island without lining the pockets of those two giants. But Coopers stands alone as a viable, independent, quality brewer, and that’s why we should show our support. How, you ask? By buying more beer of course. That’s why this weekend is the official Support Coopers Weekend. Now this is not one of those silly “Don’t by petrol days” that will have absolutely no impact. We have to make it count. So for this weekend. Everyone must buy TWICE as much coopers as you usually do. And you have to drink it all too, otherwise you will buy less next weekend and there will be no effect. Everyone has to play their part. Those of you who are light drinkers, you’re really going to have to step up. Many of you will end up unconscious or in bed with someone you hate, but what’s an unwanted pregnancy compared to the thought of Pale Ale in the hands of a faceless multinational. And for those of you who already drink a slab of Green over a weekend then its going to be tough. You will probably have to drink from dawn to dusk both days. But as you fall asleep on the front lawn, and as you are awoken by the gentle heaving of your vomiting stomache be safe in the knowledge that you have made a difference. Pass this on, Beer as we know it is at stake!

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