The Sun Saves the Day – Yet Again

A follow up to last week’s post about a proposed EU ban…

Makes me proud to be a CAMRA member.

Lift your jugs to The Sun

LET’S have large ones all round to celebrate, folks — The Sun has saved Britain’s busty barmaids.

EU killjoys have backed down over plans to make our girls cover up by banning low-cut tops.

The Brussels bureaucrats surrendered in the face of The Sun’s double-barrelled attack.
We exposed their scheme in the best place possible — The Sun’s legendary Page 3.

We vowed to give big-boobed barmaids all the support they would need to beat the ban.
It was due to be rubber-stamped by the EU parliament next month under the Optical Radiation Directive.

This would have banned barmaids and waitresses from showing cleavage in case they were sunburnt when collecting glasses.

The plan caused outrage among real ale group Camra and in Munich, home of the Oktoberfest beer festival.

The city’s mayor Christian Ude even threatened to boycott the festival — unheard of in its 195 years.

But yesterday the EU backed down and agreed pub and restaurant workers would be exempt from the daft directive.

The EU’s representative in Munich, Paul-Joachim Kubosch, confirmed: “It will not include beer garden waitresses.”

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