BrewNZ 2005 Awards Results

New Zealand Beer Awards 2005 Results

Only 9 Gold Medals were awarded for the 161 beers entered

Gold – Galbraith’s Grafton Porter
Gold – Emerson’s Oatmeal Stout
Gold – Cock & Bull Fuggles Best Bitter
Gold – Cock & Bull Monk’s Habit
Gold – Galbraith’s Resurrection
Gold – Emerson’s Taieri George
Gold – Oud Reserve Limburg Brewing Company

Gold – Waikato Draught Lion Brewery (NZ style draught)
Gold – Biere Larue Export Foster’s Vietnam (not available in NZ)

These results reinforce the reputation of the top brewers in the country – Cock & Bull, Emerson’s, Galbraith’s and Limburg.

Full results at BrewNZ

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