C&B Ellerslie – VIP & Chubby IV Tasting

Last night we put on a 50 litre keg of Chubby IV for the VIP customers at Cock & Bull Ellerslie (and anyone else who happened to be in the pub). From about 5.30pm I stood at the bar getting everyone coming up to buy beer, a free pint of Chuby IV. Most people on first taste thought it was very bitter, which it is at 42 IBU’s (making it the most bitter beer we have on tap currently). We had given away nearly 100 pints in just 4 hours.

I found after a pint most people had were truely understanding the flavours, and bitterness. The beer is very challenging at first with the bitterness at 42 IBU’s, and alco/vol of 5.75% and very big hop flavours. On the other side though it finishes very dry and clean out the palate well only leaving some hop flavours, and a level of bitterness that encourages you to drink more.

The next tastings coming up for the VIP’s and Chubby IV are
Wednesday 25th May, Cock & Bull Lynfield
Wednesday 1st June Cock & Bull Hamilton

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