Matlida Bay – lands in NZ end April

The Matilda Bay beers will be arriving in New Zealand towards the end of April.

The beers that will be available in NZ will be
Redback Wheat – ledgendary Australian wheat beer
Bohemian Pilzner – hoppy pils style
Beez Neez – Aussie lager with a hint of honey

Matilda Bay as a brand, and brewery are being revamped. With the recent purchase of the Stockade Brewery in Melbourne, Matilda Bay now has a home.

We’re kick starting our Garage Days with
‘The Matilda Bay Garage Brewery’
Matilda Bay has acquired a little brewery from Bacchus International. Bacchus International has decided to concentrate on its core spirits business, and the opportunity for Matilda Bay arose to purchase their brewing equipment.

We’ve been thinking about giving Matilda Bay a footprint on the East Coast for a while, so we thought this was a great chance to do just that, with the new small brewery just giving us that extra bit of flexibility, such as the ability to do very short limited release runs of “way-out-there” beers.

The brewery’s perfect for Brad to try out his new ideas, putting all beers through their “garage” phase and giving them a bit of a sample all the while! Brewing at our home in North Fremantle will, of course, continue as normal – you can take the boys out of WA…

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