Mac’s Sassy Red

On Friday 1st April Mac’s Sassy Red will be available.

Not sure I understand what is happening here but this is my take on it.

Mac’s Brewery had reach capacity at their Nelson brewery. Mac’s Gold was their biggest seller but most of it was being sold in Auckland. So Lion decided it would make more sense to brew the Mac’s Gold in Auckland, which freed up half the capacity at the Mac’s brewery in Nelson.

At the same time Shed 22 (previously known as Wellington Brewing Company) was getting itchy feet to package some of their tasty beers. But due to the size, limited room they have, they had no where they could put a packaging line in their current location.

So I guess it made sense to brew Sassy Red at Mac’s. The confusing part for me is way sell it under the Mac’s brand and not Shed 22, and isn’t the style/flavour profile too close to Copperhop?

If you have some insight into this please let me know, so everyone can get there heads around it.

Also I have heard that the rest of the Shed 22 beers will be coming out under the Mac’s brand. Why?

Beyond this confusion it is an absolutely fantastic thing for the NZ beer consumer to be able to get hold of another interesting beer nationwide though supermarkets.

I guess we won’t be seeing another Mac’s Hop Harvest Pilsner?

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